Our Housing Values

St. Marks Lutheran Church's role in providing affordable housing began in the 1960s out of a growing concern for the limited affordable housing availability for the growing elderly population.

Interested in ensuring not only affordable housing, but also an understanding that calling a place home meant being a part of a community, Martin Luther Tower was developed to provide both home and community for 127 residents.

Martin Luther Tower Senior Apartments

Built in the 1960's as a response to the challenge of urban redevelopment and as a ministry to senior citizens in the Cathedral Hill community. 

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New Ella Rolhffs Housing Development

Providing 94-units of low-income senior housing, with your support, the Ella Rohlffs Housing Development will become a reality in 2025.

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As a ministry of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, our mission is to support the goals and mission of St. Mark’s by providing charitable and religious activities and services to all, with a special emphasis on elderly persons with housing facilities and services specially designed to meet the physical, social and psychological needs of the aged, and to promote their health, security, happiness and usefulness in longer living.