MLT was built in the 1960s as a response to the challenge of urban redevelopment and as a ministry to senior citizens in the Cathedral Hill community. One of the largest considerations was keeping the rent low, a difficult task to achieve at the time, as much as it continues to be a challenge today.

By 1967, nearly 10 years from the initial idea was proposed, the project was 100% completed.

As a nonprofit project, the housing continues to provide an affordable option for low income seniors. The tower provides a variety of impressive services and activities for tenants that also benefit the surrounding community. 

In addition to affordable housing, other services provided for MLT residents include an on­site social worker, a weekly study led by St. Mark's clergy, laundry facilities, a computer lab, a lounge stocked with DVDs and games, daily hot meals and monthly social luncheons and field trips, informational seminars, a weekly movement class, volunteer opportunities, and a guest suite.

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As a ministry of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, our mission is to support the goals and mission of St. Mark’s by providing charitable and religious activities and services to all, with a special emphasis on elderly persons with housing facilities and services specially designed to meet the physical, social and psychological needs of the aged, and to promote their health, security, happiness and usefulness in longer living.